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posted on 6 April 2015 in Cook With Biltong

INGREDIENTS500 g Golden Cloud Savoury Muffin Mix 150 ml oil 320 ml milk 2 eggs butter50 g Golden Cloud Cake Wheat Flour, for dusting 200 g biltong shavings 80 g butter, melted for brushing 24 rosa or ...more info >>>

Savoury Biltong Muffins

posted on 6 April 2015 in Cook With Biltong

Savoury biltong muffins are great for morning tea, after snack. A great accompaniment to our biltong salad – now this recipe will keep for another day chaps !!Ingredients120 g plain flour120 g plain w...more info >>>

Biltong, goat’s cheese and avocado bruschetta

posted on 2 April 2015 in Cook With Biltong

Really quick and easy to prepare, these bruschettas make the perfect starter or wonderful snacks with those alfresco summer drinks. And I think they look stunning, too!1 loaf fresh ciabattai large clo...more info >>>

Parmesan, chicken and biltong bakes

posted on 17 February 2015 in Cook With Biltong

Parchibis: Parmesan, chicken and biltong bakesMakes 6 parchibisparchibi3Little meaty cakes topped with crispy breadcrumbsHalf a cup of Parmesan1 cup panko breadcrumbs1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil1 egg...more info >>>

Biltong Salad with Strawberries & Blue Cheese

posted on 9 February 2015 in Biltong Paring

Biltong Salad with Strawberries & Blue Cheese300g thinly sliced Beef biltong80g mixed salad leaves1 ripe avocado thinly sliced125g strawberries100g blue cheese, cubed80g croutons50ml spring onion chop...more info >>>

Beautiful British Biltong - By The Cotswold Gentleman

posted on 30 December 2014 in #blogs about us

Beautiful British Biltong18/11/2014 The popularity of Biltong as a healthy snack alternative has risen massively in the UK in the last few years, and since tasting some of Billy's Biltong we can certa...more info >>>

A taste of Biltong by Pickles & Pears Marketplace.

posted on 29 September 2014 in #blogs about us

A taste of Billy's BiltongWhen we first started connecting with makers and growers around the UK we came across Billy's Biltong who are based out of Oxford. As with most "taste makers" (as we like to ...more info >>>

Why we think Biltong is better than Jerky.

posted on 9 September 2014 in Benefits of Biltong

1. It's easy on your teeth.Since biltong has a softer chewier texture than jerky, you can enjoy a tasty piece of dried steak in public without the 10,000 BC behavior making biltong friendlier than jer...more info >>>

Biltong on Duck Dynasty

posted on 9 September 2014 in Duck Dynasty Biltong

Biltong on Duck Dynasty!"It's on like biltong!" was the catch phrase of the October 9th, 2013 episode of A&E's Duck Dynasty entitled "Jerky Boys."If you haven't seen the episode, Willie (the CEO of Du...more info >>>

The Majestic Wine Blog - Biltong & Wine Paring

posted on 9 September 2014 in Biltong Paring

I have a confession to make; this week’s wine of the week has been chosen for slightly selfish reasons. Having spent six months ‘finding myself’ in the bush lands of South AfricaI picked up an unhealt...more info >>>

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