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About us

Billy's Biltong is a convenient new range of tasty, healthy, flavoured meat snacks, high in protein & packed with natural energy.

All our beef biltong is 'Made to Order" using the finest grass-fed Aberdeen Angus Silverside, matured on the bone for extra flavour. Our game biltong is premium Haunch of Scottish Red Deer.

Our biltong is hand cut, hand spiced & packed by hand in the only EEC approved kitchen in the UK.

What is 'Made to Order'?
'Made to Order" means that your biltong is the freshest & finest it can possibly be.

As we do not have biltong sitting around waiting for an order, dispatch is normally 5 to 6 days after ordering.
Royal Mail handles our UK deliveries and DHL delivers to the rest of the world.

'Made to Order" & delivered to your door from 2.95

cured meat on board

Biltong Nutrition

Biltong is the ideal protein boosting snack for all sports enthusiasts alike, from gym to cyclists, walkers to football players. If you are on the Atkins diet, this is certainly the midday option for a low calorie snack. It's perfect to put in your children's lunch boxes for school or just to nibble on family outings. Biltong is extremely "moreish and addictive" and enjoyed socially by family and friends at every occasion whether it's round the barbeque in summer or watching the footie and rugby with friends over a few pints.

Ideal for low carb, low fat & high protein diets - Athletes, sports enthusiasts and body builders - All outdoor pursuits including camping, fishing, hiking, cycling, climbing and many more.

Perfect for the Armed Forces, diabetics, kids lunch boxes or even as a tasty treat

Protein: Biltong contains 47.8g of protein per 100g.

Crisps contain +- 4g of protein per 100g

Nuts, thought to be "protein heaven", actually

only contain +-28g of protein per 100g.

Fat: Biltong contains 0.96g of FAT per 100g.

Crisps contain +- 34g of fat per 100g

Nuts contain +-53g of fat per 100g.

Calories: ` Biltong contains only 248kcal per 100g.

Crisps contain +- 560kcal per 100g

Nuts contain +-600kcal per 100g.

It's a delicious mouth-watering snack that will definitely have

you coming back for more.