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Why we think Biltong is better than Jerky.

posted on 9 September 2014 | posted in Benefits of Biltong

1. It's easy on your teeth.

Since biltong has a softer chewier texture than jerky,
you can enjoy a tasty piece of dried steak in public without the
10,000 BC behavior making biltong friendlier than jerky.

2. Baby Caterpillar to Social Butterfly Booster
Sick of eating jerky alone in front of an open fridge Friday night?
When you've already lost your buzz because your subway wasn't running after 11pm
and it took you three hours to get home?
Well do we ever have the solution for these sad snack sessions.
We believe that with Biltong you can actually create enough merit for a successful houseparty.

Oh yes, we are talking about social acceptance from the comfort of your very home.
Once the word gets out that you have Biltong, you're the new culture guru,
you're the one everyone hopes invites them, weekend success is as simple as
placing some pieces of biltong, (along with crackers if you are fancy) on a plate and
creating a masterpiece that will last you, well about five minutes to be honest,
it's delicious and eaten quickly. (Stock up little butterfly... stock up.)

3. Cooking with Biltong is Easy
Stand aside food delivery guy who knows the name of your cat.
Since Biltong is similar to prosciutto, it can easily be blended into a variety of simple
recipes. Next time you are eating avocado and toast, go ahead and sprinkle some biltong
on there. Prepare to dazzle your cereal eating room-mate. Biltong pizza is also extremely
popular in South Africa. (Again with the cultured points.) Along with that,
biltong salads, egg/Biltong and cheese sandwiches, Quiena and peppers, all of these
ordinary meals can be made exceptional with a little Biltong sprinkle.

4. We don't believe in msg or killing enzymes
Because Biltong is dried by air and not heat, the enzymes inside the protein stay intact.
This assists with muscle rebuilding and means you can eat less and still get the same
effect as jerky. Great news for you and your newly acquired crossfit membership.
Also, this can be the fact you give to outsmart the guy in a peacoat at your awesome
house party. (Refer to # 2)

5. The taste, oh that taste.
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