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Biltong on Duck Dynasty

posted on 9 September 2014 | posted in Duck Dynasty Biltong

Biltong on Duck Dynasty!

"It's on like biltong!" was the catch phrase of the October 9th, 2013 episode of A&E's
Duck Dynasty entitled "Jerky Boys."

If you haven't seen the episode, Willie (the CEO of Duck Commander) gets a special package
imported from South Africa. Inside it is delicious biltong, which his subordinates/friends
sniff from the other room immediately. Having eaten up their piles of beef jerky already,
they can't wait to try biltong, but Willie refuses. As usual, hilarity ensues, and Willie
repeats the word "biltong" for about a minute straight in different voices - indeed, it is
a fun word to say.

Curious how biltong compares to beef jerky? They are similar in that they are both
protein-packed portable snacks. However, biltong is made in the authentic South African
tradition of air drying. This means it is tremendously more healthy than the salt-laden
beef jerky. Instead of high salt, you get strong beef flavour, instead of additives and sugars,
you get natural spices that come out with each bite.

After seeing Willie's biltong, we've had tons of Duck Dynasty fans reach out to us and try
biltong for the first time. Many are switching from their beef jerky habits to the gourmet,
wholesome flavour of Billy's Biltong.

You too, don't have to wait for Willie to share with you! Join your fellow Duck Dynasty
fans and get your biltong samples today! For a limited time, enter code "HELLO" for 10% off
your order.
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