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A taste of Biltong by Pickles & Pears Marketplace.

posted on 29 September 2014 | posted in #blogs about us

A taste of Billy's Biltong

When we first started connecting with makers and growers around the UK we came across Billy's Biltong who are based out of Oxford. As with most "taste makers" (as we like to call our amazing group of makers and growers) are hugely passionate about the produce they deliver, Billys had no hesitation in sending us a several packs to sample. They promised low carb, low fat, high protein, natural energy, quality Biltong.Now, incase you are not aware of what Biltong is, let me give you a brief overview. Biltong is a variety of lean cured meat that originated in South Africa. A wide range of meats can be used to create Biltong such as Beef, Game meats or even Ostrich. It is usually very lean as it is typically made from the fillets (at least the highest quality varieties are) and is packed with protein.Billy's Biltong has been selling high quality Biltong for just over 2 years now and was started by Craig, a Zimbabwean expat. In Craig's words:"I started selling biltong in the UK over 2 years ago. Fed up with the mass produced, pre-packed stuff on the market, I set out to bring fresh Biltong to the masses. Armed with just my family recipe, I thought to myself, if we are going to sell Biltong in the UK, it better be the best it can be. So i decided to find out who produces for Harrods and get them to produce for me. After a year and a half of trails and many errors we were ready to sell the freshest and finest Biltong".With that very brief overview done, let's get back to the wonder sampling that was done over about a week. Craig sent us 4 different varieties which included Chilli Chutney, Original, Garlic and Peri-Peri. There were also 2 different cuts which were traditional slices and 'sticks'.The quality of the meat was top notch. The rareness was also spot on. Experts should never give you dry Biltong. The middle should always be pink and moist. It may even come across as raw. This indicates freshness and consideration when it came to the curing length. Flavour is key and Billy's Biltong got that right. When it came to the seasoning, the flavours certainly made themselves known, but I didn't feel like I missed out on the great meat flavours either. The Biltong's flavour was well balanced.The packaging was neat and everything was air sealed which you obviously want when it comes to animal based products.Overall, we definitely recommend Billy's Biltong range for anyone who loves Biltong, requires high protein supplements or just wants to try something new.
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